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Qi Jian, founder Qi Jun

Product testing description

 Qi Jun is the founder of Qizheng Testing, the founder and head of operations management of Xi'an Jiaotong University-Qiyi Joint R&D Center.
Professional field or direction
The quality management system national registered auditor, intermediate quality engineer, Shunde government quality award reviewer, has received systematic and complete Tsinghua EMBA training, especially good at system management, air conditioning heat pump wind disk and other new product evaluation and quality management.
Qi Jun, male, was born in April 1975 in Tianmen, Hubei. In 1997, he graduated from the Three Gorges University in chemical engineering. In 2015, he graduated from South China Normal University with a bachelor's degree in business administration and received a bachelor's degree in management. He received a systematic and complete Tsinghua EMBA training. Now he is the founder of Qiqi Testing Co., Ltd., and is the founder and head of operations management of Xi'an Jiaotong University-Qiyi Joint R&D Center.
Results of the work
As a quality expert, Mr. Qi Jun has long been engaged in product testing technology and certification, new product evaluation and reliability research, enterprise total quality management, quality management system construction and audit optimization work, and has rich Taiwan-funded, Japanese-funded, beautiful and small-sized The work experience of quality management practice in private enterprises, the main work results are as follows:
The company will establish a comprehensive laboratory for measuring enthalpy, wind disk and heat pump. The test results can be strictly tested against the national standard laboratory of Hefei, Weikai and other countries. The experimental data is stable, accurate and accurate. Since its establishment, the TCL air conditioner has provided high-quality energy efficiency stereotypes and reliability evaluation services for dozens of R22 fixed frequency, R410 fixed frequency, R410 inverter air conditioner, window machine and other new products. It is a large heat pump company Finney, Tongyi, DeNeng, Weijin and other customers have provided more than ten kinds of low-temperature hot air blowers, water-cooled air disks, heat pumps and other new products such as energy efficiency, air volume, exchange efficiency and reliability evaluation services.
During the period of Midea Air Conditioning, he was mainly responsible for quality management system construction and maintenance management, supplier quality management, promotion of total quality management, company quality management and assessment, 4A standardization promotion, etc., for core products such as commercial heat pump, multi-line, central air conditioner, etc. Quality assurance provides a systematic quality assurance support.
During the period of Taiwan-funded and Japanese-funded enterprises, they have successively established the establishment of physical and chemical comprehensive laboratories for cultural and educational supplies, quality abnormal treatment, quality management, production process inspection of mobile phone display (LCM, TFT), and induction training for new inspectors. The in-service inspector skills assessment, the on-site IPQC team management and the production quality coaching of the outsourcing workshop have accumulated rich experience in advanced quality management.
During the work of private SMEs, the construction and improvement of various quality modules, including product reliability assessment, product certification, ISO system construction, quality improvement, inspection system establishment and team management, etc., also accumulated a wealth of integrated SMEs. Current and actual quality management experience.